Davis thorough, thoughtful and smart

Davis thorough, thoughtful and smart

Letter to the Editor, as published in the Citrus County Chronicle July 27, 2020:

As voters, we all have a role in shaping what we want in our government, and the impact is greatest in our local elections. In the County Commission District 5 race our choice is between two candidates, Holly Davis and Jimmie T. Smith. As this paper has reported, since the only candidates are Republicans, the upcoming primary election of all registered voters on Aug. 18 will decide the outcome. I enthusiastically support Holly Davis with my vote and want to share with you why.

A mutual friend introduced me to Holly earlier this year. As I have gotten to know her, I am grateful that she is running for public office, and the county commissioner role in particular. An examination of her career reveals she has honed the ideal skill sets necessary for the position. As a marketing consultant for the past 25 years, she has had to learn how to do deep research on her clients and their markets in order to set the stage for undertaking strategies to compete. Our beloved CitrusCounty needs to do the same thing. Increasingly complex questions are facing our public leaders in this present age we live in.

As I have had the opportunity to introduce Holly to folks in the area, the comments shared with me afterward are almost always the same: Beyond the obvious passion and enthusiasm she holds for Citrus County, she’s thorough, thoughtful and smart.

These are traits we need in our county commission now more than ever. If you have not had the opportunity yet to meet Holly, I urge you to visit her website hollydavisforcitrus.com to learn more about her and I am confident you will come to this same conclusion.

She’s running for us, not for herself. We need more people like Holly helping us navigate the future, so please give her your vote.

Mike Tringali
Beverly Hills, FL