Join us June 3rd at Crumps Landing!

Our big campaign event on the west side will be held at Crumps Landing, and hosted by Crumps owners Dianne & Dan Williams, plus Jewel & Steve Lamb, Dixie Hollins, Sean Gerrits, Frank Coletz, Jennifer & Gene McGee, and Kennedy Smith.

Join us from 5:30 to 7:30 pm on June 3rd for a beautiful riverside evening at a favorite Homosassa venue. It’s an exciting – and challenging! – time for Citrus County, and we look forward to some great discussions.

Pre-Sales End Friday Midnight

Crumps is closed on Mondays, and is opening just for Holly’s re-election campaign! Help them out with a headcount, and take advantage of a lower minimum suggested donation.

Just $20 until Friday midnight (online, or cash/check to campaign) to cover the cost of the delicious Crumps’ spread of fan favorites. Cash bar. After midnight Friday, the minimum suggested donation goes up to $25/pp over the weekend, then $30/pp on Monday.

Buy tickets here.

Holly was clear on her promises in 2020, and she delivered.

Our future must start with an end goal in mind. Holly ran four years ago because she recognized that we weren’t ready for the growth the Suncoast Parkway would bring, and felt her background in strategic planning could be of help. If you drive off without a plan or goal in mind, will you ever get where you want to end up?

Her top campaign promises were a strategic plan, quality economic development, getting residential road paving on track, improving county communications, and protecting our waters. All have been substantially achieved!

Our citizen-led strategic plan is already delivering results.

Her first year in office, against government headwinds, Holly got Citrus County’s first ever Strategic Plan underway. In 2022, citizens from all corners of the county put their heads together to lay out their priorities for the coming decades. It launched January 2023, accompanied by a new BOCC and County Administrator. We’ve made enormous progress in 2023 alone – just look at the 491 widening progress made in the last few months – a project that was stuck in government molasses for over a decade!

Citizens must lead the way to ensure the future we collectively want.

Government strategic plans are virtually always put together by leadership – in this case, the BOCC. That’s crazy! That’s only five people, and we could never get the full power of a community’s thoughts on where we should go. Holly made a point to steer the Citrus County Strategic Plan to the citizens, at two open to the public town halls, via online entries, and with 40 citizen leaders from all aspects of the community at a two-day workshop. Commissioner and county staff input was limited to being regular citizens ourselves.

What’s next? Setting us up to remain well-ranked for low taxes in Florida.

Holly plans to live the rest of her life in Citrus County, and like most of you, wants the darn roads paved, have high-quality health care, and reasonably low taxes. Citrus County ranks exceptionally well for low taxes within Florida, but that will not continue without attracting higher-wage economic development, and reducing ad valorem taxes substantially in favor of fairer and more transparent methods.

Holly Davis earned her degree from the University of Texas at Austin

University Educated

Bachelor of Science
Holly Davis earned her degree from the University of Texas at Austin. While she originally entered the honors program in aerospace engineering, she switched majors after three semesters to follow in her brother's footsteps to go into advertising creative.

This degree required a substantial number of classes in both the McCombs School of Business, and in the Moody College of Communication at UT Austin. She finished with a specialty in the Texas Creative program, but was heavily schooled in all aspects of marketing, including strategy, research, and media planning.

Holly Davis posing in the front office of her first agency, Idea Flight.


Business Owner
Holly Davis began as a senior copywriter and junior strategist, specializing in global aviation accounts such as Aerospatiale. She then founded her first ad agency, on the outskirts of Washington DC.

For the last 25 years, Holly Davis has led a team to strategically grow clients' sales, from a wide range of industries. This career is one where there are new challenges every day, and where you have to get up to speed rapidly on new topics. It's a background uniquely suited to be highly effective in working for the betterment of Citrus County.

Holly Davis is a proven leader and consensus builder.

Proven Leader

Consensus Builder
Holly Davis has brought common sense and leadership to your County Commission since November 2020.

Her 30+ year career in strategic planning and communications has been evident, spearheading Citrus County’s first-ever Strategic Plan, and 2024 is bringing a whole new transparent communication to citizens.

Beyond her key initiatives, Holly’s worked consistently on solving generational poverty through Prosperity Citrus, attended state events to help sow seeds for economic development, lobbied Tallahassee for state funding for local projects, and served on many boards related to her duties on the BOCC.


Crystal River
Holly Davis moved here in 1978, when her father Capt. Tom Davis retired after 33 years of service in the United States Navy. She spent much of her spare time boating on Crystal River, when not cheerleading or flying.

This upbringing gave Holly Davis an immense sense of duty, to protect the Nature Coast and our waters, as we also provide for the people who live here. One of our most beloved traits is our ``small town charm`` - it's absolutely critical to start planning not months ahead, but years and even decades ahead, to ensure we shape future growth to be something we love.