Davis brings passion, purpose

Davis brings passion, purpose

Letter to the Editor, as published in the Citrus County Chronicle August 14, 2020:

Asked to pick three words to describe Holly Davis, a candidate for Citrus County Commissioner District 5, I would choose passion, purpose and promise. I have known Holly for nearly 30 years, from meeting as young women establishing careers in competitive Washington, D.C., through countless professional and personal triumphs and trials, and all along I have known her to be reliable, generous and straightforward.

Holly’s passion for what she loves drives her success — whether it be devoting blood, sweat and tears to build her creative agency business, putting in thousands of training hours to become a skilled and safe aviator and scuba diver, or caring for her family, friends and beloved pets. Her sense of purpose has kept her focused on achieving her goals throughout her life. I’ve never seen her let setbacks diminish her drive or positive attitude.

I picked “promise” for two reasons. She keeps her promises, and is one of the most dependable people I know. And, as a newcomer to politics—but not to Citrus County—she brings the promise of fresh perspective, diverse experience and deep roots in the community to ensure she will succeed as your County Commissioner.

I don’t have skin in this game. I can’t tell you if her vision for your lovely community is the right one. And if she wins or loses, it won’t help or hurt me. But what I can tell you is that with her passion, purpose and promise she will work tirelessly, without attention to personal bias or gain, to effect thoughtful, balanced and future-focused programs and policies for the advantage of the entire Citrus County community now and in the future. I urge you to vote for Holly Davis before or on Aug. 18.

Gwyn Donohue
Alexandria, Virginia