How to Help

We’ve had a lot of folks ask how to help Holly get elected to the Citrus Board of County Commissioners, and we really appreciate the offers of assistance! Here are a few ways you can pitch in.

Wear a ``Vote Holly`` Tee

We have good-looking tee shirts, ballcaps, sun hats, and even bandanas for your dogs - they want to show their support too!

Write a Letter

If you believe in Holly Davis and what she stands for, please write a letter to the editor for the Chronicle.

Host a Meet & Greet

Help your friends and neighbors get to know Holly Davis by hosting a meet-and-greet. We make it easy!

Display a Sign

We have 24`` x 18`` yard signs, as well as 4' x 4' signs for roadside and businesses. Floral City, Ozello, Inverness and Homosassa, we especially want you! 🙂

Add Facebook Frame

Are you on Facebook? It's super easy to add a yellow ``Vote Holly`` Facebook Frame to overlay the bottom of your own profile picture. Just click the link below to add it.

Tell Others

Don't be shy about talking to your friends and family who are registered voters in Citrus. And, if you're on social media, share posts from the campaign's FB and IG accounts.