Davis will move the county forward

Davis will move the county forward

Letter to the Editor, as published in the Citrus County Chronicle August 6, 2020:

In Citrus County, we often find ourselves without plans for the future, without long-term goals as a county, without people in leadership roles actively pushing us forward. One of the people I believe in, though, wants to fix this; her name is Holly Davis.

Holly Davis has spent the better part of her career strategizing the future of companies and organizations; she will do the same thing for Citrus County as a commissioner. Holly sees the opportunities and growth coming our way, and she wants to make sure this growth comes in a manageable and successful way that will benefit both Citrus County and the companies that want to invest in our community.

She wants to bring in more high-quality jobs that will broaden our tax base, providing better funding for infrastructure and nature conservation/restoration. She doesn’t just want better jobs, though, she has a plan to get them here.

With her intelligent and methodical approach in strategizing for future growth, Holly can help get us where we should be as a county.

I encourage you to vote for Holly Davis in the Citrus County Commission, District 5 election on Aug. 18.

Noah Corcoran