Davis is right for future of the county

Davis is right for future of the county

Letter to the Editor, as published in the Citrus County Chronicle June 26, 2020:

Holly Davis is the right choice for District 5. It’s time that we all start looking to the future, understanding our goals, and making well thought out strategic plans to get there. Growth is coming. How do we become more business friendly, improve our infrastructure, and, at the same time, protect our seniors and our environment? You elect people that we can trust to be our voice and our champion on the issues that are important to the future of Citrus County. Holly is one of those people.

I have known Holly Davis for my entire adult life, dating back to ninth grade at Crystal River High School in 1982. I am proud to call her a friend, someone I trust with the future of this county, our small businesses, the environment, and most importantly, the future of my family. Someone who will do what is right even if it is not the most popular path to take. Someone who is not afraid to make difficult decisions for our future. Holly has always been able to resolve issues and come up with intelligent solutions through collaboration, research and just good old common sense. Over the past 35 years, I have watched Holly grow into the person, business owner and leader she is today. I am proud to say Holly Davis is my choice for District 5.

One thing is for sure, she loves Citrus County.

Do your research. Ask Questions. Know the candidates. Vote.

Joe Bell
Lecanto, FL

Joe Bell & Holly Davis installing a campaign sign
Joe Bell (and his son Jake) have been a huge help with signs!