Davis a person of sterling character

Davis a person of sterling character

Letter to the Editor, as published in the Citrus County Chronicle August 11, 2020:

Compassionate leadership steers the path for change. To find a leader who uses their platform to listen, understand, and create change is to find a leader who can spring a community forward in progress.

I had the pleasure of working for Holly Davis for four years during a critical juncture in my professional life. She is not just an inspiring and compassionate leader in the way she manages her company and teams, she is a person of sterling character.

I have seen Holly put her employees first with genuine care and concern. She is one of those rare business owners who will ask how you are— and genuinely cares to hear the response and be of any help she can. She has led branding and strategy for major clients but maintains a humbleness that is powerful and rare.

Holly sees opportunity and growth — in her employees, in her clients — and cultivates this with her head and heart. Her ability to steer with clarity and practicality is exceptional and would be a changemaker for Citrus County. I encourage you to vote for change by voting for Holly Davis in the Citrus County Commission, District 5 election on Aug. 18. I’m willing to bet she’ll change your life for the better just like she did mine.

Maya Chendke
Toronto, Ontario