Articles by commissioners

Articles by commissioners

Letter to the Editor, as published in the Citrus County Chronicle February 3, 2020:

Jimmie T. Smith has written a half page article in the Chronicle regarding zoning in our county. The problem with it is that all those big words he uses and places/people’s names he throws in there really don’t mean much to most Citrus County citizens. Just tell us what you are doing for Citrus County. I am grateful that we will have Holly Davis running in District 5 also. Her educational background and experience make her a great choice for county commissioner. The only thing that Jimmie T. Smith has done for us is set up a drone park.

The article by Jeff Kinnard was much more readable and understandable. I do like the fact that the widening of

U.S. 41 north from Inverness is now ready to go. Thanks for the informative article Jeff.

Sally Van Osdell