Hometown Girl Returned

Holly Davis grew up in Crystal River (sixth through twelfth grades), returned for four years to help her mom, then over two years ago returned again, this time for good. She brings a strong background in business strategy, firsthand experience living in a wide range of communities, and a deep love for the county she calls home and the people who live here.
Holly Davis at age 11 with her parents and siblings (two are Naval officers) at her father's retirement ceremony.
My dad retired with 33 years of service, this was taken 6/30/78, the day before we moved to Crystal River.
Retirement picture of Holly Davis' father Tom, with her brother and sister, both also Naval officers, taking part in the ceremony.
My sister and brother are in the foreground, it was special for dad to have them as part of the retirement ceremony.
Holly Davis grew up in Crystal River and enjoyed water skiing several times a week.
My favorite sport growing up here was water skiing, this was taken right after I learned to slalom, age 12.
Holly Davis at homecoming game with her parents at Crystal River High School, fall 1984.
Homecoming in the fall of 1984, my senior year at CRHS, with my parents Terry and Tom Davis.
Holly Davis and her brother Lon enjoying the Crystal River waters in 2019.
Today, I still get out to enjoy our water as often as I can - and wow, the restoration in CR is amazing! My brother Lon & I wearing shark hats, like ya do.

Dear Neighbor,

If you don’t already know me personally, I’d like to give you a little of my background, and why I’m here to ask for your support and vote as a Republican candidate for County Commissioner, District 5.

I grew up here from sixth grade onward, water skiing, swimming in the springs, cheerleading, playing softball, and even flying, because my dad is Capt Tom Davis who built up Crystal River Airport over four decades. And like any good Citrus kid, I did a little muddin’ now and then (shhhh… don’t tell dad. I might still get in trouble!)

I didn’t know it at the time (because of course as a teenager I just knew better things lay beyond the horizon), but I’d fallen in lifetime love with our unique little spot in the Florida sun.

I’ll fast forward through this part so as not to bore you to death, but for the 22 years after graduating from Crystal River, I earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas at Austin, lived in five cities in four states, started two companies, won a few awards, and most importantly, helped many dozens of companies, from tiny startups to global heavyweights, set and reach their goals through marketing. (And if you do want to know the details, here’s my LinkedIn profile.)

After 22 years, I returned home in 2007 to help my mother through her decline due to dementia. That was the hardest yet most rewarding stretch of my life to date, and gave me a really good sense of what seniors face as they age, and how we might better support them.

When she passed away, I moved to Atlanta in 2011, and regretted it the whole time I was there. (Lots of traffic. Lots of bad weather. Can I come home please?)

When I got the opportunity to return to Citrus County in January 2018, I jumped at it, and I’m here to stay. Not only do I have family and many dear friends here, this is the home of more people who care about each other, and will give you the shirt off their back, than any other place I’ve lived.

Which brings me to “why throw my hat into the ring for County Commissioner”? Because folks, we have some great opportunities inbound, and my business background combined with living in so many states gives me a unique perspective and a deep well of firsthand experience from a variety of communities to draw upon. From what I understand, being a commissioner is a tough and often thankless, frustrating job, but for over 40 years I’ve watched my dad (along with his wife Gudi) give his all to build an airport that’s a huge asset to our county. Service runs deep in my family, and I feel in my heart this is my opportunity to give back to the county that has given me so much.

I can promise you this: whether or not you vote for me, I will represent you. If elected, I will seek to work cooperatively with the other commissioners and county staff, to do my absolute best to put Citrus County on a path that will benefit all our citizens. And I will conserve our Nature Coast, so future teenagers can also fall in love with our unique little spot in the Florida sun.

All my best,