How to Help

We’ve had a lot of folks ask how to help Holly get elected to the Citrus Board of County Commissioners, and we really appreciate the offers of assistance! Here are a few ways you can pitch in.

Sign a petition to get Holly on the ballot. She needs roughly 1200 petitions signed, or pay a $3700 filing fee. Not only is it more fiscally responsible to get signatures, it promotes community involvement in our election process.

The only requirement is that you must be a currently registered voter in Citrus County. Party affiliation (or lack thereof) does not matter. You can print two of them on one sheet of paper here (so you can share the other with a friend or family member!)

Please fill out all yellow blanks except the one “or” outlined in a red box, then mail c/o Gudi Davis, Crystal Aero Group, PO Box 2050, Crystal River FL 34423. Thank you!

Own a business, belong to a group, or have a friendly neighborhood? All are great opportunities to have one person make a big impact on our petition goal. We have a huge stack of petitions already printed, just let us know about how many you need. Or, volunteer to help us get signatures at events. Contact Teresa and she’ll set you up.

We have hundreds of the standard size 24″ x 18″ yard and roadside signs to put out around the county. We’d love “many hands make light work” and have a few dozen people volunteer to wrangle 10-20 signs each. Email Paula to help out!

Own road frontage where you can host a big 4’x4′ sign? Let us know, and we can send someone out to install it. (We’ll be sure it comes down after the election too.)

We’ll be hosting a series of campaign events, one in each district as the election year rolls on. Please come out to meet Holly, mingle with supporters, and make your contribution right there at the event. Or, if you’d like to host an event or provide an in-kind donation, contact Holly.

Want to help Holly get elected while hanging out in your jammies at home? Can’t say we blame you! Click to contribute today… all donations are greatly appreciated, no matter the size. 😊